Monday, June 23, 2008

Back Home

I really do have to apologize to all loyal readers of my blog. As you know, my access to the internet in the desert was a bit limited. But now I am home and I will be updating the blog on a more frequent basis with interesting tidbits about my work this summer (pictures and video to come) as well as developments in the world of Archaeology, Classics and History.

Having said all that - I need to get something off my chest. My trip home went flawlessly until Air Canada/Royal Jordanian Airlines lost my luggage. This is the first time I have ever "lost" my bags and I can say that I am very disappointed. This is just the beginning of the I am sure to have more to say. Bottom line - the person who checked me in at the airport in Amman, decided to only check my bags to Heathrow airport. I advised the person at the Air Canada desk and despite their claims that they would locate my luggage and so on - it seems that I just kept getting "passed along" to the next person - finally arriving in Toronto to find out that the people I spoke to in London basically lied to me. UGH......the bag had all my gifts for my family, my hiking shoes, and so on. But most had my TROWEL! The same trowel that I have used on every archaeological project since 1989. Its irreplacable. I am devestated! Anyways, I guess there are worse things that happen....but I am still very much disappointed.

I checked with Air Canada today and so far, no luck. If I don't have my bag by the end of the week...chances are....I never will. Damn! More to come later.

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