Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Archaeology Channel

In my never-ending quest for free and appropriate resources for use in class I came across a website called "The Archaeology Channel". Well, being a HUGE fan of the History Channel (r) I just had to check it out. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed...and I don't think any of you will be either. The Archaeology Channel has links to a wide variety of "archaeology themed" videos that you can watch. Some are good.....some are cheesy.....and some are just plain B.A.D.

Anyways, I came across one that I thought would be perfect for my blog - its called "Jordan: A Historical Review" and is 15 minutes long. If you get some spare time and you want to see a bit more of what Jordan is like then I suggest you click this link and see for yourself.

It may be 15 minutes you never get back....but you'll be the better for it!

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