Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids Playing Cricket

So I thought I would take a moment and update you all on the progress of my KAP (remember, that stands for Kite Aerial Photography) experiment in getting ready for heading to Jordan. I am getting a bit better at guiding the kite around - though for this launch (this past Tuesday) I was without any "helpers" (which explains the absence of anyone but myself in the picture to the left) which made things more difficult. The saying "many hands makes light work" is definately true for KAP.

Anyways - I also learned that in order for my pictures to turn out better I need to keep my back to the sun and have a lot of wind. Seems obvious now...but at the time I really thought it wouldn't matter that much. I experimented with attaching the rig higher on the line, lower on the line - putting the camera at various angles and so on. All produced a variety of photos from really really bad. Thank goodness for digital photography. In the course of about 1 hour I shot over 1000 photos...of which only about 10 were really usable. That should give you some idea of the ratio we are working with.

So - getting to the topic of this post "Kids Playing Cricket"...I am fortunate to live across the street from one of the only parks in Mississauga that has a Cricket Pitch. Given the dominant cultural group in my neighbourhood - this is not suprising. Every Sunday afternoon during the summer, this pitch gets used extensively for all-day Cricket matches. This is a great thing. I don't know much about Cricket - but any sport that breaks for tea halfway through can't be all that bad! I even like the clothes they wear! Very civilized.

While I was out doing my KAP stuff, there were a bunch of kids (and a Dad I think) come out to the pitch to practice their skills. It was a great opportunity for me to "document" Cricket activities at what I am now calling the "Churchill Meadows Pitch".


Anonymous said...

Cool kite photography!
I've seen some of this used on Plains Arky!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! It's amazing what you can see from a bird's eye!


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